The speedboat carries a maximum of 8 people, including the crew.
Smoking is not allowed on board.

No. The experiences on the lake involve only the group of friends, the family or the couple(s) who have booked. The motorboat is always reserved for only one group of people, who know each other, at a time.

We suggest you always bring a light waterproof windbreaker. In the summer months, beach clothes are fine. In spring, fall or winter, we recommend bringing a suitable sweater or sweatshirt. In the case of evening navigation – for watching the sunset – we recommend bringing a garment to cover yourself, like a sweatshirt, even in summer.

No shoes are worn on the boat. They are removed before boarding, stowed in the boat, and returned at the time of disembarkation.

The motorboat has more than enough bottles of fresh mineral water.

Yes. Swimming from the motorboat is always possible. In the summer months, the water temperature is around 20°C (68°F), fresh but very pleasant.

Yes. Lake sun is the same as sea sun. We recommend using the same protection that you would normally use when going to the beach.

Yes. The motorboat has a large awning that can be assembled at the request of the guests. You can also sail with the awning open.

Yes. Once on board, you can change the itinerary, the places for swimming, the architectural and natural views to be observed from the lake. The important thing is that the overall duration does not exceed the hours for which you have booked.

Yes. From the motorboat it is possible to take photos and videos without any problem. Whenever desired, the motorboat will slow down or, if necessary, stop, to obtain the best shots and video footage. Passionate photographers and videographers of any level are always welcome.